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Tri Lobe Blower
Tri lobe blower is a positive displacement unit available in different sizes, operating speeds, pressure conditions and pumping capacities. The casing integrates two tri-lobe impellers that are mounted on parallel shafts and rotate in opposite directions.
Vehicle Blower
A variety of vehicle blowers are available, for instance twin lobe vehicle blower and tri lobe vehicle blower for heavy industrial units, and engineering plant. Major industries that use this positive displacement blower are agriculture, oil & gas, petrochemical, waste water treatment, etc.
Acoustic Hoods
Acoustic hoods for blowers are designed and developed by KPT. The function of this hood or enclosure is to contain blower and excessive noise associated with it. This hood allows for mobility, noise control, easy maintenance and elimination of civil work.
Blower Accessories
Not only we develop and supply different types of blowers, but blower accessories too. From suction silencer, motor pulley to centrifugal fan, all accessories are available at KPT at best available price.
Plain Drill
Plain drill is a compact, portable, low weight and perfectly balanced drilling machine that can drill in aluminum, wood and steel. The casing as well as components make this drilling machine highly robust and enable it to perform well for longer period.
Hammer Drills
Customers are free to select hammer drill from two variants available at KPT. This drilling machine is designed to carry out multiple functions at home as well as an industrial environment. This drilling machine can drill in concrete, steel and wood.
Impact Drill
Perform drilling and impact drilling by using variable reversible drilling machine. Our company designs impact drills in different models with different sizes and capacities. All are professionals tools which can be used in an industrial environment to drill concrete, wood & steel.
Mini Angle Grinder
Any model of mini angle grinder can be selected to perform selected operations, like vertical/ horizontal cutting, surface grinding and polishing. The hand-held design and side-handle allows for firm grip and maximum control & comfort during operation.
Pistol Drill
Pistol drill is a ergonomically designed power tool, which can be held with two hands for convenient and accurate drilling operation. Wooden, steel and aluminum workpieces can be drilled using this kind of drilling tool.
Straight Grinder
Straight grinder is a portable,compact and versatile grinding tool for professionals use. It can be used in hard-to-reach areas and can deliver precise results. The design allows for user-friendly handling.
Taper Drill
Get an ideal taper drill for your steel processing or steep products production industry. Two models are available with 23mm and 31mm drilling capacities in steel. The morse taper shank drills can be adjusted easily for drilling purpose.
Rotary Hammer

The drilling and chiselling of hard engineering materials is done using rotary hammers, which are versatile hand-held industrial instruments. These power tools are compact, lightweight, and feature a handle on the front side for easier holding and the prevention of mishaps while machining.

Sander Polisher

According to their working speeds and rates of power consumption, the sander polishers made and supplied by our business come in a variety of different variants. They receive an electrical cable to transmit power from the primary power source.

Valve Seat Grinder

Heavy duty industrial grade valve seat grinders are used to machine the valve system's base support assembly. Our crew of highly qualified professionals designs and develops them using cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Valve seat grinders come in a variety of distinct variations.

Drill Stands

Drill stands are basically a practical enhancement for large, powerful drilling equipment. These are tools that hold a drill in a fixed location, enabling more accurate and precise drilling. Drill stands are useful for deep, angled, and series drilling.

Grinding Accessories

Grinding accessories are made to make it easier and more streamlined for the user to grind alloyed, non-alloyed, and metallic materials. The use of premium materials in the design of these component parts guarantees greater strength and rigidity to withstand strong forces and vibrations.

Die Grinder

Die grinders are high-speed hand-held power tools made for carrying out different kinds of machining operations, such as grinding, sanding, honing, and polishing to give the cast dies a smoother finish and increase dimensional precision.

Gas Blower
Gas blowers are outdoor power tools that use gasoline as a fuel source to blast air out of a nozzle at high speeds. They are also referred to as gas-powered leaf blowers or backpack blowers. They are frequently used in residential and business environments.
Chipping Machine
Chipping machine, also referred to as a wood chipper or shredder, is a device that breaks down bulky chunks of timber, branches, or other materials into smaller chips or pieces. It has hopper, a rotating cylinder or disc with pointed blades or knives, and an output chute.
Industrial Exhauster
Industrial exhausters are used to remove unwelcome air or fumes from a structure or process. These devices are frequently found in industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and power plants where heat accumulation and air pollution can be issues.
Concrete Core Cutter
Drilling cylindrical holes in concrete buildings like walls, floors, and pavements requires the use of a concrete core cutter. The cutter usually takes the form of a drill bit with a diamond point that is fastened to a rotary drilling machine.
Control Motors
An automatic or manual method of beginning and halting the motor, choosing forward or reverse rotation, choosing and controlling the speed, controlling or limiting the torque, and guarding against overloads and electrical faults are all possible with a control motors.
Demolition Hammer
Demolition hammer, also referred to as a jackhammer or pneumatic drill, is a strong device used to shatter concrete, paving, and other tough materials. It consists of a sizable cylinder with a pneumatic hammer mechanism that hits a chisel or pointed tip frequently.

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